1. Lawrence Paul Hilll says:

    Pastor Mark,

    Sorry to hear about the death of your loved one. i visted Old Stone on the 22nd and wondered why you didn’t deliver the sermon.I was late getting there, so if an announcement was made, I missed it.

    May Our Lord continue to use you and your family and Old Stone Church to his glory, and comfort you by the power of His Holy Spirit, our Great Friend. May others surround you and your family at this painful time, and help to bear your sorrow.

    Lawrence Paul Hill

  2. Paul Gilroy says:

    Shalom Mark

    A voice from our shared past-with fond memories!!

    Ann Marie and I are headed to Lake Januskula SC, via Sarasota FL. We were looking for ways to connect with you and Beth in Savannah GA, only to find you are in Cleveland now–and good for you!!

    I have thought about you often and fondly: our time together in London, our trip to Ashland to defend my D. Min. thesis, and the screwing you received in Savannah.(I particularly recall your swansong at Rowntree UC, where a highlight of your ministry there was asking the congregation for a stool sample…)

    Life moves on. I’m happy to see you making a presence in Cleveland… a presence that wouldn’t be possible, or appreciated, in the UCC today.

    Blessings to you,Beth and your family.

    Paul Gilroy, D. Min. (with a lot of help from you!)

  3. Alynn Mahle says:

    Mark “Rocks the ‘Rock’ every Sunday–join us and see what I mean–love you, Mark!

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