Can Anything Good Come Out of Cleveland?

Posted: January 19, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Green City on a Blue Lake: Tell us your story or share your favorite thing about Cleveland!

Would you use the term “beautiful” to describe Cleveland? While riding the train home from Boston a couple of years ago, the person in the seat beside me caught a glimpse of the desktop photo on my laptop – a photo of Cleveland that I had taken from down at the lake.  She asked if that was where I lived. I said, “Yes; that’s Cleveland.” She responded with something I don’t often hear, especially from Clevelanders. She said, “Wow! Cleveland looks beautiful!”

Green City on a Blue Lake

Green city on blue lake

I’m often surprised how hard some folks, especially Clevelanders, can be on Cleveland. It reminds me of Nathanael who, when Philip told him that they had found the Christ, responded cynically by asking: “Can anything good come out of Nazareth?” (John 1:43-51). God’s redeeming love isn’t just for individuals; it is for cities, too: God sent Jonah to straighten out Nineveh (Jonah 3:1-10). Through the prophet Jeremiah, God said that part of our call is to work and pray for the welfare of the city for in its well being we find our own well being (Jeremiah 29:7) And never forget, something amazing, or should I say, someone amazing, did come out of Nazareth – Jesus Christ.

I believe God’s redemptive love is at work in Cleveland. There are just too many good things happening for the green city on a blue lake to deny God’s goodness. I’d like to know where you see God at work in Cleveland. Tell us your story or share your favorite thing about Cleveland!

God’s Peace,

God's redemptive love is for cities as well as individuals.

Join us this Sunday at Old Stone Church!

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  1. cora dixon says:

    As an outsider looking in I must say that many wonderful things have come out of Cleveland are still coming out and are yet to come.

    • The Old Stone Church – where I was made welcome by Pastor Mark, by just stopping to read the Program Bulletin Board. A welcome that has not been worn out.
    • The Cleveland Clinic – Eighth wonder of the world.
    • University Hospital – growing in leaps and bounds in its unstoppable quest to provide excellent medical care to all.
    • The Cleveland Museum of Art – Botanical Garden, Natural History Museum and Film Museum – Where else can you go and see ‘FREE” in a world where nothing is given away.
    • The Cleveland Browns – a team for the people, we all know the story of Art Modell.
    • The Cleveland Cavaliers – where fans with dedication and guts had the audacity to burn LeBron James’ jersey. Well done.
    • The Cleveland Indians – a baseball team with a heart, where fans are important and children takes center stage. It makes for good feelings.
    • The Colleges – Cleveland boasts many Exceptional Educational Institutions – Case Western to name a few.
    • The Rock and Roll Museum – envied by many other American Cities.
    • The Science Museum – there are Science Museums all over the country but only one on Lake Eerie.
    • Summer outdoor events – Wonderful, most within reach by public transportation
    • Public transportation – excellent.
    • A traditional Market place – West 4th Market is still among one of the best in the country, good enough to make it on PBS as a market to visit when travelling around the country.
    • The People – Cleveland has bragging rights on the warmth and kindness of its citizens – an important ingredient for the success of “The Cleveland Clinic”.

    Go Cleveland!

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