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On the 12th day of Christmas, my true-love gave to me a look back at the spiritual journey of the Old Stone Church which brought us to this day. I doubt you will ever get through the videos in this post in one sitting (or at all), but perhaps there was something that truly spoke to you as you made your way to Bethlehem again this year. Please feel free to share your Advent/Christmas comments below, or share these Advent/Christmas videos with others. May God bless you this 12th Day of Christmas, tomorrow (Monday) on Epiphany and the throughout the whole year ahead!

Peace and Love,
R. Mark Giuliano
The Old Stone Church

WEEK ONE – In the Light of Hope
The first week of Advent we were asked to stay awake to signs of hope in a world which too often wants to lull us to sleep.

WEEK TWO – Beware of Dog
The second week of Advent we were confronted by the “Doberman of the New Testament.” John the Baptist gave us the first gift of Christmas: repentance.

WEEK THREE – Vivaldi’s Gloria
The third week of Advent we were blessed by an outstanding performance of Vivaldi’s “Gloria” by the Old Stone Church choir and chamber orchestra. Thank you Dr. JR Fralick, Dr. Jason Lorenzon, Old Stone Choir and Chamber Orchestra!

It just doesn’t seem like Christmas until I’ve done my annual Christmas interview on WKYC. This year I had a wonderful visit with Hollie Strano.

(VIDEO) Mark Giuliano visits on WKYC with Hollie Strano about Christmas.

WEEK FOUR MESSAGE – Blue Christmas
The fourth week of Advent we honored those Christmases when we identify less with Burl Ives’ “Holly, Jolly Christmas” and more with Elvis’ “Blue Christmas.”

A handful of the many Christmas Eve highlights can be seen here. CDs and DVDs of the complete Christmas Eve service are available through the Old Stone Church office. The choral processional at the beginning and the candlelight and singing of Silent Night from the historic Old Stone sanctuary in the heart of Cleveland are particularly outstanding!

The most fun you will ever have celebrating or even understanding the power of transcendence and immanence.

Do you have a special Christmas moment to share? Perhaps it was something unusual or humorous or something that might offer a little hope to someone else. Please share your comments below!

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