Park Your Zombie Here: Easter is a Mind Bender!

Posted: March 29, 2018 in Uncategorized
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The power of Easter can slip easily from our grasp, if we’re not careful. As far as the big Christian holy days are concerned, Christmas is so much easier to deal with than Easter.

At Christmas, we celebrate the birth of a child. No problem, there! Who can’t get behind a birthday celebration, especially one for a poor kid who grows up to be king? Disney ought to make a movie: Jesus: Prince of Kings.

At Easter, though, we have to accept that almost two thousand years ago a dead man was raised from the dead, got right up, walked around the place for fifty days, dropped in on old friends, and even cooked-up a mess of fish on the beach one morning. The Easter story is a whole lot trickier than Christmas to get our heads around. Christmas is a heart warmer. Easter is a mind bender.

As a young person, I spent many summers and other holidays working at my grandparent’s funeral home in Southern Ontario. As a pastor, I’ve been burying the dead for almost three decades. Guess what. I’ve never seen anyone sit up in their casket and say, ‘Hi everybody! I’m back!’ And thank God for that! I don’t think my heart could take it. I prefer my rising-dead to show-up in zombie flicks or in late night B-movies.

Maybe Easter isn’t supposed to be grasped, though, at least not the way we get hold of a math problem, or solve a puzzle, or prove an event. Maybe Easter is just the way God wants us to live, trusting that there is something much bigger and much better just beyond the end of our temporal noses. Easter challenges us to live in a new way, believing that death doesn’t get the last word in this world. God does.

IMG_5439After all, when you live as if Easter is real, even if you’re just faking it at first, marching with young people for better gun laws, working for justice for all, caring for the least among us, making peace in a world hellbent on war, sharing out of your abundance, believing in a future brighter than the darkness of the present, even if that present includes death, that’s when the staggering truth of Easter starts to sink-in: with God, all things are possible!

Every time a person who’s down for the count gets back up again, we witness Easter. Every time a person who is utterly lost gets found, we witness Easter. Every time someone who was given-up for dead is raised to a new beginning, we witness Easter. Every time a closed mind is opened, a broken heart is restored, or a devalued life is redeemed, we witness Easter.

Easter isn’t something to comprehend; Easter is something to be lived!

Happy Easter!

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