Being Remembered Along the Camino de Santiago

Posted: August 9, 2018 in Uncategorized
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In the beauty, the vastness, the stillness, and the grace of the people we meet along the way, a very long walk can help us remember ourselves.

If you can’t remember who you are, try going for a very long walk! 

Every peregrino (pilgrim) has his or her own reason for walking the Camino de Santiago. I chose to walk the Camino because I wanted to remember myself. 

On the 5-hour bus ride from Madrid to Santander my seat mate, a young art student from Madrid, asked me why I wanted walk the Camino. I told her that I just wanted to go for a walk, a long walk. I wanted slow time down enough that I might give my spirit time to catch up to my body. I could think of no better way of doing that than strapping a pack to my back and walking 15-20 miles a day for almost a month through the beauty that is Northern Spain. She understood. I think most people do. I wanted to reconnect to God in a much deeper way than I had been in recent times.

Just before we left Cleveland, Beth had seen a FaceBook post from a peregrino who said that “first the Camino will break you, then it will remake you.” I didn’t quite feel the need to be broken or remade so much as I longed to be “remembered.” I wanted to remember my essential self, the self that gets fragmented – body from soul, mind from spirit, yo soy from I Am, by the stress and distraction of the daily grind, and needs to be reunited from time to time.


I didn’t quite feel the need to be broken or remade so much as I longed to be “remembered.”

I’m just one week along the Camino and already the beauty, stillness, vastness, the gracious people I meet along the way, and the steady and focussed activity of walking are  helping me remember my self. And just as importantly, the Camino is also reminding me that, when all is said and done, I need to live every day in such a way that I don’t become dismembered! I need to go with God every day in every way.

How are you being remembered today?

Buen Camino! Vaya con Dios!

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