From water to wine, ordinary to extraordinary, God’s grace abounds!

Posted: January 31, 2019 in Uncategorized

READING JOHN’S GOSPEL CAN BE A LITTLE LIKE ANALYZING A DREAM! Each element seems to hold many different meanings. Take the Wedding at Cana, for example.

Is the Wedding at Cana account about the second coming of Jesus, where the wine served last is the best? Is it about the reconciliation of humanity with God, where wine symbolizes overflowing grace?

Or perhaps it is about those who are baptized with water who become more than just Christians but also the church when they are baptized with the new wine of Pentecost. Or maybe the wine represents the blood of Jesus which supplants the need for ritual purification? Could this even be a passage reminiscent of transubstantiation, where water becomes wine, and wine becomes the blood of Jesus?

Or maybe the Wedding at Cana account is about the resurrection, after all it takes place “on the third day”? And what about all those numbers? Six vats for purification. Each holding 20 or 30 gallons. Are those numbers trying to tell us something, too?

Maybe the passage is about “all of the above” and even more, which is why it has been such a powerful passage of scripture for almost two millennia.

Still, no matter how you interpret the Wedding at Cana, there is one thing for certain: the changing of water into wine, the first of Jesus’s miracles, is a sign that points us to toward Jesus as God’s Holy One who brings us abundant and amazing grace. It points us toward the One who truly transforms ordinary experiences into extraordinary moments, and ordinary folks into extraordinary disciples.

May God’s grace abound!

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