Are you expecting miracles? Why not?

Posted: February 5, 2019 in Uncategorized
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WOULD YOU RECOGNIZE JESUS IF HE STOOD UP IN WORSHIP, READ SCRIPTURE, AND PREACHED RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU? Well, guess what? Jesus did exactly that yet the people in his own hometown didn’t recognize him for who he truly was.

If you’re having a hard time spotting the truth these days, or feeling the presence of God in your life, or even experiencing the promised miracles of God, don’t despair. Just because you don’t hear God, or see miracles doesn’t mean that God isn’t active in the world anymore. It’s more likely that our hearing has become dulled by years of delusional political-speak bellowing from the mouths of multi-million dollar political campaigns and megalomaniac political wanna-bees, and by the chattering-static of empty-promised, fear-based “have-it-all-and-have-it-now” slogans of our consumer driven economy whose products never quite live-up to how they’ve been advertised. In other words, we may hard of hearing, because the world has trained us to stop listening!

It’s not J who fails us, but our world-weary vision, clouded by the hype and sensationalism of our 21st century culture that offers more razzle-dazzle than substance and truth. More bad news and fake news than God’s good news. Our ears have been dulled, Our vision, clouded.

In Christ, though, God turns our expectations upside down. God asks us not to listen to Christ’s word through the world’s toxic filters, or see it through the world’s mud-caked lenses, but through Jesus himself – his love, his mercy, and his compassion. God, in Christ, speaks in such a way that “dull ears tingle” and good folks stand back in awe, rub their world-weary vision, and see  their lives, and the world anew.

In my experience, its only when we look at the world through the life of Jesus and his story, that we truly hear, see, and have hope.  In Christ, we can and should expect miracles!


DEEPER DIVE – I See, Said the Blind Man 
Take a deeper-dive on this subject. Read Luke 4:14-30 and then click here or the video message above.

1. Where have you seen God at work in your life recently?
2. Have you ever experienced a miracle in your life?
3. What miracle are you praying for right now?

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