The Way of Humility – O Lord, it’s hard to be humble!

Posted: February 18, 2019 in Uncategorized
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WHEN I WAS A KID GROWING UP IN CANADA, WE PLAYED A GAME CALLED, KING OF THE CASTLE. Friends who grew up in the States called it King of the Hill. Whatever you called it when you were a kid, the point of the game was basically the same. It was to step or stomp on your buddies, scratch and claw if you had to, so that you could get to the top of the heap and sing your victory song: I’m the King of the castle, you’re the dirty rascal (to the tune of Ring Around the Rosie)!

Check out O Lord, It’s Hard to Be Humble. Be sure not to miss the wonderful ending.
It’s sure to leave you smiling!

The strange and sad thing is that we’ve seen grown-ups play an adult version of the very same game in business and politics, in love and marriage, and even in the church. We may even be thinking about one or two of them right now. They are folks for whom, it seems, that it doesn’t matter who gets hurt, so long as they can win, make it to the top, be number one, and stay there!

Well guess what! Jesus turned all that King of the castle thinking completely upside down and showed us a far greater way to create peace, love, and understanding in our world: the way of humility.

For Jesus the way of humility was an upwardly mobile pursuit, just not the way the world thinks of upwardly mobile. Those who are traveling Jesus’s way of humility start at the bottom and help others – the least among us – become upwardly mobile so that they can reach the top with us! With Jesus’s plan, no body gets left behind. In my experience, the most successful marriages, friendships, and congregations succeed when no-one is number one except Jesus. And even he was bent low.

Sure, it may be hard for us to travel the way of humility. We may be fighting a very natural and normal inclination toward self-centeredness – millions of years of evolutionary DNA wired within us to help ensure the survival of the human race. But if we’re truly going to survive and thrive together in our families, or in the church, or in our nation and on this planet then we might start with the way of humility – by getting the focus off ourselves and turning our hearts toward God and one another.


DEEPER DIVE: Take a deeper dive on this subject and check out O Lord, It’s Hard to Be Humble. Be sure not to miss the wonderful ending, though. It’s sure to leave you smiling!

2 QUESTIONS: Can you think of a person who helped you get a foothold in your life, someone who lowered themselves a bit to help you up? Was there a time recently you were able to take the focus on yourself so that that you could help a friend or stranger? Please share your story here in the FaithConneXions comments or on this Facebook post!

  1. Robin Jenkins says:

    Love this one Mark!

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