Like the cross, and the brutal form of death it once represented, death is now a way-marker or a signpost that points us toward abundant life in Christ, today, and eternal life, tomorrow.

Have you ever been with someone near the time of their death?
Find out who and what we see before we die. 

Jesus set his face toward Jerusalem, and kept his focus on the eventuality of the cross (Luke 9:51-62). Jesus was set-faced and cross-eyed. Find out how the cross, and the death it once symbolized, have now become way-markers on our greater journey.

In the video Set-faced and Cross-eyed, we discover that the cross was not the end of the story for Jesus. Nor is it for us. The cross is the way marker, or a directional arrow from atop of the Hill of Skulls that points us toward the open tomb of Easter.

Many of us have known family or friends who, at the time of their deaths, are visited by Jesus, or loved ones who have already died, who come to lead them “home”. I have previously shared some of my own personal and powerful stories in a past blog, Are They just Hallucinations? In his book Visions, Trips, and Crowded Rooms: Who and What We See Before We Die, Dr. David Kessler, a death and grief expert, documents dozens of accounts from doctors and nurses, social workers and clergy, who have witnessed these experiences in the dying, as well.

I believe that when we die we’ll be visited, too. Jesus promised not to leave us orphaned, but would come to lead us home (John 14:18).

I pray that this final episode in the Lenten series, Cross Words: There’s Power in the Cross, blesses you with the hope, promise, and inspiration of the cross that leads you to abundant life, today, and eternal life, tomorrow!

God bless you as you continue your faithful journey toward Easter!


Like the scalloped seas shells or yellow arrows pointing the way along Spain’s famous Camino de Santiago, the cross is a way marker along our Lenten journey toward the open tomb of Easter, and on our life’s journey beyond death and toward eternal life. Buen Camino!

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