Are you broken, or broken open? Discover the power of Easter for your life!

Posted: April 26, 2019 in Uncategorized
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Just as God broke open the tomb on Easter morning and raised up Jesus,
God can break open your tombs and raise you up, too! 

Did you catch David Brooks’s impressive closing keynote speech at the Knight Foundation’s 2019 Media Forum? If you missed it, you can see it online. Brooks is a conservative columnist who writes for the New York Times which, he jokes, makes him feel a little bit like the “the resident rabbi at Mecca. It’s a very lonely position”.

I was quite moved by Brooks’s thoughtful presentation which citied biblical passages and even the great twentieth century theologian, Paul Tillich. One of the things from Brooks’s speech that has stuck with me was his understanding that in our individual and even national times of division, darkness, or crisis, “we can either be broken, or broken open.”

When we’re broken, we’re stuck in our pain and can become destructive to ourselves and others. We’ve seen that in our families, churches, and throughout our larger communities. Folks can get stuck in cycles of anger, conflict, and even violence. We hurt and because we hurt we may unwittingly hurt others. “Pain that isn’t transformed, is transmitted” says Brooks.

However, when we allow ourselves to be broken open, that’s when we find opportunities for healing and transformation. When we’re broken open, our pain ceases to be our master. No longer are we driven by anger or fear. If we’re willing, the very crisis that broke us in the first place can be the fertile ground out of which deeper self-understanding and mutual love can and does grow.

In the breaking open of our lives, the shackles of resentment, anxious insecurity, and the need for control are loosed. In the breaking open of our hearts, we’re set free by a love that’s not measured by success, achievement, or wealth but one that cultivates an incredibly rare gift: the ability to laugh easily and weep courageously with one another in genuine and intentional community.

Being broken open is what Easter is for me. On Good Friday, we remember how death broke Jesus at Golgotha. His death on the cross broke his family and friends, too. On Easter, though, we recall that on the third day God broke open the tomb and gave us a world transforming revelation of God’s eternal truth. Death still happens, but Easter allows us to imagine the world anew with hope. Easter blesses us with a very special promise: that which doesn’t break us, if we dare, can allow us to be broken open to new life.

Check out That Which Doesn’t Break Us which I preached at the Old Stone Church for a much more in depth discovery of the power of Easter for your life, your church, and broader community.

May God bless you and your loved ones this Easter Season and always with the promise of God’s good grace and faithful promise of eternal life.

Pax Christi,
Dr. Mark

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