Take 30: God is speaking! Are we hearing?

Posted: May 18, 2019 in Uncategorized
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Jesus said that his sheep recognize his voice and follow (John 10:22-20). But with so many other voices vying for our attention these days, hearing demands even more intention! 

You have to admit it seems like it’s getting harder and harder to hear God’s voice amidst the chop and rise of the sea of facts and alternative facts in our day and age, of truth and truthiness, of information, misinformation, and downright misguided information, all of it eager to be sorted and processed, discarded or applied.

Well listen! Underneath it all there is a Whisper. A Whisper with a capital W. There is a small, still voice as quiet as our own heart’s beating, our own breath breathing. Sometimes the voice sounds like the longing for peace, or the gentle knowing of love, or even the inner restlessness for justice that keeps us awake at night. Sometimes it sounds like the cry of one in need, the least among us.

We know that voice, don’t we. It’s the voice of Jesus, the Good Shepherd. It’s not screaming or yelling at us. It’s not even angry or judgmental. It sounds more like grace than law, more like hope than discouragement. Jesus’s voice always sounds like the truthful voice which hovers above and beyond all other voices.

Jesus’s voice cuts through the din, calms the clatter, settles the seas, reverses the racket, tames the tumult! Choose whatever alliteration you like! Jesus’s voice isn’t just a voice. His voice is The Voice. The One Voice, and One Voice Only. Jesus speaks to us more like a sighing-breath that says to each and everyone of us: Trust me. Follow me. And I will lead you beside still waters, to green pastures. To life abundant.

Take 30 minutes today and check out the video One Voice Only to deepen your faithful listening skills and learn more about Jesus, the Good Shepherd.

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