Peas, Paisans, and the Kingdom of God. He cooked the books and saved his soul.

Posted: September 25, 2019 in Uncategorized

THE TEACHINGS OF JESUS MAY LEAD TO THE LIFE ABUNDANT BUT . . .  some passages are as hard to swallow as a can full of cold peas!

Did the boss in Jesus’s odd parable commend the dishonest manager for his dishonesty? The manager was a crook, and a cheat who cooked the books to save his own skin. Why did Jesus tell us to be like him? And why did Jesus tell us to make friends with our “dishonest wealth”?

Read Luke 16:1-9 and then check out this message that answers some important questions about the parable of the dishonest manager and reminds that even if its out of desperation, our ability to forgive people their debts can lead us to a higher humanity and the abundant life in Christ.

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