Today, We Sailed On: final sermon from the Old Stone Church, Cleveland.

Posted: November 25, 2019 in Uncategorized


My last Sunday at the Old Stone Church (the First Presbyterian Church in Cleveland) was incredibly emotional, to say the least. I served, and loved the good folks of Old Stone and the city of Cleveland for over eleven years. They gave Beth and me a wonderfully gracious sendoff with an Italian feast, cake, and speeches. I left them with this final word, my last sermon at the Old Stone Church: Today, We Sailed On. It was a rollicking affair with lots of Amens, shouts and, at various times, clapping and applause. God bless you all!

We ended the service with I Feel the Winds of God Today.

If ever I forget your love
and how that love was shown,
lift high the blood-red flag above;
it bears your name alone.
Great pilot of my onward way,
you wilt not let me drift;
I feel the winds of God today;
today my sail I lift.

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