3 life-changing blessings happening right now! Are you missing out?

Posted: January 22, 2020 in Uncategorized

Be Here Now FC

ARE YOU LIVING IN THE NOW? Here are 3 powerful and life changing blessings that most Americans, even Christians, are missing out on right now. Don’t be one of them!


1. The Kingdom of Heaven


Kingdom Heaven

1. The Kingdom of Heaven: When Jesus announces that the Kingdom of heaven is at hand (Matthew 4:17), he doesn’t mean that heaven is coming to you in some far off place or time or even in the near future. He means that, in him, the Kingdom of heaven is right in front of you. It’s now. Right now. And when Christ is dwelling within you, so does heaven. Think of the Kingdom “at hand” as a gift that’s already in your hand. Jesus put it there for you. Live your life in the way of Christ and you’ll start to catch glimpses of God’s just and joyful Kingdom on earth, in your hand, as it is will be in heaven.


2. Your Calling


FISH for people

2. Your Calling: Many people struggle to find their purpose or calling in life, or struggle to find their purpose at different stages in their lives. But when Christ calls us to come and follow him, he doesn’t mean that we should mull it over or wait until we’ve figured out what we should do with our lives. Just like those disciples, first called, who dropped their fishing nets and immediately followed Jesus (Matthew 4:18-22), Christ means for us to drop our anxious preoccupation with whatever it is we think we’re supposed to be doing (or not doing) and follow him now. Quit worrying about your one true purpose. Christ is your one true purpose. Seek to care compassionately, speak truthfully, love intentionally, work honestly, serve thoughtfully, and live justly and all those answers and details you’ve been worrying about will get worked our along the way. As my former professor, William Sloane Coffin once wrote, “First you leap, then you grow wings.”


3. The Abundant Life


Abundant Life

3. The Abundant Life: When Jesus promises us life in abundance (John 10:10), he doesn’t mean life that comes only after we’ve earned enough money, acquired enough letters after our names, accumulated enough possessions, or even found enough love. The abundant life is available right now to those who are living freely in the sufficiency of God’s grace. It’s ours when we are so liberated from the fear of scarcity, the worry of not having enough, that we are free to love as Christ loved. I really have a “smart-phone”. Sometimes when I type “live” it autocorrects and spells “love”. What a wonderful reminder that the life I seek is found right now in the love I am able to give and receive.

A Simple Prayer
In this moment now, dear Lord, let me live abundantly with confidence in the sufficiency of your grace and the freedom of your love; Amen.

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