PUTTING FOOD ON THE TABLE or keeping a roof over your kid’s heads is big, but being a father is so much more. Just about any adult male can father a child, but it takes a loving and faithful one to be a dad!


Jesus said that his sheep recognize his voice and follow (John 10:22-20). But with so many other voices vying for our attention these days, hearing demands even more intention! 

You have to admit it seems like it’s getting harder and harder to hear God’s voice amidst the chop and rise of the sea of facts and alternative facts in our day and age, of truth and truthiness, of information, misinformation, and downright misguided information, all of it eager to be sorted and processed, discarded or applied. Read the rest of this entry »

Almost every person of faith has experienced a revelation of the risen Christ.
What’s your story?

ALMOST ALL PEOPLE OF CHRISTIAN FAITH claim to have some sort of experience of the risen Christ. For some, it happened underneath a starlit sky, or along a shoreline at sunrise. For others, it  was in worship on a Sunday morning when the preacher was preaching a fiery message, or at a funeral when hearts were heavy with grief. Read the rest of this entry »

Just as God broke open the tomb on Easter morning and raised up Jesus,
God can break open your tombs and raise you up, too! 

Did you catch David Brooks’s impressive closing keynote speech at the Knight Foundation’s 2019 Media Forum? If you missed it, you can see it online. Brooks is a conservative columnist who writes for the New York Times which, he jokes, makes him feel a little bit like the “the resident rabbi at Mecca. It’s a very lonely position”.

I was quite moved by Brooks’s thoughtful presentation which citied biblical passages and even the great twentieth century theologian, Paul Tillich. One of the things from Brooks’s speech that has stuck with me was his understanding that in our individual and even national times of division, darkness, or crisis, “we can either be broken, or broken open.” Read the rest of this entry »

Easter Risen

An Easter Blessing
by Mark Giuliano

May our great God of resurrection, who rolled away the stone from the tomb on the very first Easter, roll away the stone from the dark tombs in your life.

May our great God of resurrection, who raised Jesus from the dead,
Raise you up to new life.

May our great God of resurrection, who raised up hope for the hopeless, abundant and eternal life to the dead, and peace to all, grant you hope and peace now and forevermore.



Bat Boys 2My brothers and me, Easter 1968. Forget the jelly beans and chocolate eggs!
Nothing said “Easter” like a super cool Batman t-shirt.

A BATMAN T-SHIRT! I HIT THE JACKPOT! It was the best Easter present a five-year old kid could receive in 1968. Never mind the chocolate eggs and colorful jelly beans, either. Easter morning, 1968, my parents blessed my brothers and me with authentic Batman t-shirts.

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Cross Series

It’s Holy Week! Feed your faith, strengthen your cross-carrying resolve,
and discover the life-giving power of the cross.

Click here (or on the video below) to watch, re-watch, or share all four parts the 2019 Lenten sermon series Cross Words: There’s Power in the Cross.

God Bless you on your Holy Week journey!
Dr. Mark