Power2ools Videos

Power2ools: 2 minutes tools for life offer inspirational and entertaining 2 minute messages to help you navigate the everyday challenges of life. Watched by thousands on television and online, Power2ools videos offer meaningful, and often lighthearted, inspiration and guidance on life topics such as patience, perseverance and love.  

Give us 2 minutes and we’ll give you tools for life!

The Power of Patience was our very first episode, sort of like a test pilot. The train kept stopping short not wanting to get in our shot (we wanted it in the shot) and we almost froze to death, but when the ratings came back with about 25,000 viewers watching on Fox 8 Cleveland (and tons more commenting on the Fox 8 Facebook feed), we figured we were on to something.






The Power of Forgiveness (part one and two) drew more online comments than any other episodes. Clearly forgiveness is an important and tricky subject that had me very busy managing close to 100 online conversations about viewer’s very real situations.



I took one for the team with the Power of Slowing Down. 60 miles and hour and almost upside down left me with some serious vertigo for three days. Life lesson: when director, Kenny says, “Hey, I’ve got an idea” – brace yourself!






The Power of Your Belly Button is our most viewed online video on Youtube and Facebook. It could be that it is shared a lot on Mother’s Day, or it could be the belly button image Kenny, our director, selected for the video. Hmm. What do you think?




Special thanks to Italian-American artist, Stacy Gibboni, from Venice whose show Define Me in 1000 Words or Less in the Gallery at Old Stone made the perfect backdrop for this two part series on the Power of Words.



Dear Boils and Ghouls, The Power of Fear was our first Halloween special. It was a nod to Rod Serling of Twilight Zone and Night Gallery fame, as well as all those campy late night  TV hosts of yesteryear. Here’s to the Ghoul, Ghoulardi, Sammy Terry, Count Scary, Sir Graves Ghastly, Elvira, the Crypt Keeper, and any others you may remember.























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