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Children reveal values at Christmas

Children reveal true values at Christmas.

Want to know what is truly important to children? Ask them what their favorite part of Christmas was. After worship yesterday, I did just that. And, boy, was I in for a shocker! (more…)

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On the 12th day of Christmas, my true-love gave to me a look back at the spiritual journey of the Old Stone Church which brought us to this day. I doubt you will ever get through the videos in this post in one sitting (or at all), but perhaps there was something that truly spoke to you as you made your way to Bethlehem again this year. Please feel free to share your Advent/Christmas comments below, or share these Advent/Christmas videos with others. May God bless you this 12th Day of Christmas, tomorrow (Monday) on Epiphany and the throughout the whole year ahead!

Peace and Love,
R. Mark Giuliano
The Old Stone Church


Hope is a Light!

What a joy it was to share this message of Christmas hope from the heart of Greater Cleveland on Christmas Eve 2013. Don’t leave the baby Jesus in the manger this year; let God’s light shine through all your thoughts, words and actions. God bless you all!

–  R. Mark Giuliano, The Old Stone Church

“Some people volunteer only at Christmastime because it makes them feel good; others volunteer year round because it makes others feel good. If you volunteer this Christmas, make it the beginning of something great, not the end!”

– Mark Giuliano

One dark December, my family and I were visited by a stranger from above . . . a squirrel who had made its home in our attic.

Santa and Reindeer

I grumbled to my wife, "That had better be Santa Claus on the roof or that squirrel is in trouble!"

We tried all sorts of things to get that squirrel out of our house. We borrowed a live trap from our friend who was good with squirrels and who we affectionately referred to as,  the “Squirrel Whisperer,” but couldn’t catch him.  We carried the dog up to the attic and let her sniff around each night before we went to bed, hoping she might scare the the little furry beast out hiding, but that didn’t work either.  To make matters worse, with each unsuccessful attempt we grew increasingly frustrated. Nightly, as I lay in bed listening to the critter nest above my head, I fantasized about smearing the attic floor with an adhesive or camping out in the attic with a shot gun under my arm so I could blast the tiny devil out. His nightly scurrying and scratching was driving us batty!

Early Christmas morning, sometime around 2:00 a.m., my wife and I were disturbed from our sleep by a now familiar pitter-patter, then a little digging noise just over our heads.  I heaved a heavy sigh and grumbled to my wife, “That had better be Santa Claus on the roof or that squirrel is in trouble!” (more…)