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Just as God broke open the tomb on Easter morning and raised up Jesus,
God can break open your tombs and raise you up, too! 

Did you catch David Brooks’s impressive closing keynote speech at the Knight Foundation’s 2019 Media Forum? If you missed it, you can see it online. Brooks is a conservative columnist who writes for the New York Times which, he jokes, makes him feel a little bit like the “the resident rabbi at Mecca. It’s a very lonely position”.

I was quite moved by Brooks’s thoughtful presentation which citied biblical passages and even the great twentieth century theologian, Paul Tillich. One of the things from Brooks’s speech that has stuck with me was his understanding that in our individual and even national times of division, darkness, or crisis, “we can either be broken, or broken open.” (more…)

I was honored to have been the invited invocational speaker as Rotary Club of Cleveland and Rotary International honored Cleveland Mayor Frank G. Jackson. 

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I’m feeling just a wee bit proud today, Earth Day 2016! Click here to read 2 important articles from the May/June edition of Presbyterians Today, our national magazine.

The first is called Windmills Optional (pp10-11), which I wrote. The second, Greening Our Cities (p16-20), offers some great accolades to the Old Stone Church in downtown Cleveland for the work we are doing in the city in the area of planning and eco-justice.