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For me, forgiveness isn’t condoning wrongdoing, it’s naming it. It’s not forgetting wrongdoing, it’s learning from it. Forgiveness isn’t done in isolation, it often takes a friend, a church, or other community to support you in it. It’s not a one time moment, it’s often a long term process. Like shampoo, you have to rinse and repeat! Forgiveness isn’t surrender, it’s the difficult path that leads to liberation, and ultimately peace in God … for you and the wrong doer.

What’s the hardest thing you ever had to forgive?

Forgiveness isn’t just a spiritual practice that Jesus encouraged the disciples to do; after he was raised from the dead, it was the very first thing. Forgiveness opens us and the world to freedom in God, and the kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

Blessings of Peace and healing,

Luke 21: 25-36







If life has got you down, then it is time to start looking up! When we are lost or heartbroken, when we are anxious or discouraged, our hope can be found only in the eternal One. No matter how big our life’s problems, God’s love is greater. No matter how far we feel we have strayed, God will find us. There is no sin so great that God cannot forgive it. No heart so broken that God cannot heal it. No life so lost that God cannot find it. “Lift up your heads,” said Jesus, “your redemption is drawing near!”