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As the great city of Cleveland, Ohio sorts through its emotions, good and bad, joy and confusion following the recovery of Gina DeJesus, Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry and her daughter, I find myself mostly hopeful, even in the face of continued horrific abuse of women in our nation (see The Power of 14, Faith ConneXions April 12, 2013). We’ve seen the redemptive powers of God at work in Cleveland this week, a miracle-town if ever there was one. But it’s that and more. This Mother’s Day, my faith-mothers have called out to me about the need for justice and healing for women in Cleveland and throughout the world. Their faith is inspirational and so today, Mother’s Day in Cleveland, I honor them:

1. The Sister’s in Charge of the Old Stone Church: Social activists, counter culture Christians. The Sisters in Charge were active during the late 19th and early 20th centuries in Cleveland. When Chinese immigrants were refused access to Cleveland’s booming economy, it was the Sisters in Charge who rented laundry equipment and leased space on their behalf; they gave sanctuary to two Chinese men who were falsely accused of murder until they could get fair trial which ultimately acquitted them. The Sisters in Charge, among other acts of social justice, also helped found the very first school for the Chinese community, using the Bible to teach them English.


Green City on a Blue Lake: Tell us your story or share your favorite thing about Cleveland!

Would you use the term “beautiful” to describe Cleveland? While riding the train home from Boston a couple of years ago, the person in the seat beside me caught a glimpse of the desktop photo on my laptop – a photo of Cleveland that I had taken from down at the lake.  She asked if that was where I lived. I said, “Yes; that’s Cleveland.” She responded with something I don’t often hear, especially from Clevelanders. She said, “Wow! Cleveland looks beautiful!” (more…)