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Are you thinking of making a New Year’s resolution this year? Read this first! Even if you’re not, I hope you find this as inspirational as I did.

I was attempting to write something profound about New Year’s resolutions this week when I learned that an old friend of mine added a ramp to his house. No one in his family needs a ramp. And he didn’t install it to increase the value of his home. He built the ramp so that his wheelchair-bound neighbor and longtime friend who has ALS could come over and visit anytime he wanted. His friend would never have to miss a backyard cookout, a football game on television or the annual post-church Christmas Eve party either.

I’ve decided that I have nothing to add. My friend’s benevolent act says it all: at New Year’s or any other day on the calendar, the best resolution we can ever make is to a bring a little more peace, love and understanding to the world through our gracious acts of kindness and compassion.

God Bless You All for a Healthy, Happy and Compassionate 2014
R. Mark Giuliano
The Old Stone Church, Cleveland