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What’s your favorite time of day on the Camino de Santiago? For me, there is no contest; it’s early morning.

I feel great having my boots laced, my pack on my back, and my body moving forward just as the sun is starting to rise behind me in the east. My heart is starting to pump and my blood is beginning to flow. Most importantly, I know that I am doing exactly what I am meant to be doing: walking. (more…)

NightgamesDo you remember going to your first night game?  I’ve always been impressed by the bright, green field brought to rich, daylight beauty underneath a blaze of a thousand brilliant lights. I’m glad to see that Progressive Field here in Cleveland is experimenting with a wind turbine to help power its facilities. I imagine that it takes a lot of energy to illumine night games.

Have you ever seen a sunrise, though? It is magnificent, isn’t it? Even before the sun appears, its early-glow radiance bullies away the night sky above it.  And even when just the first tiny arc of the sun’s cresting peeks above the horizon, it is blinding; you can’t look straight at it. (more…)